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I left my heart with the wild hunt, a'c'min'  
02:32pm 15/07/2010

I've recently begun my attempt at resolving all conflict in my life..remove reactivity and merely accept circumstances as they are, simply a moment. 

Obviously easier said than done, as in most instances. 

I'm making headway in the "career choices" section of my personal reality.  Oddly enough, Library Science is becoming increasingly more seductive.  Not quite sure if I can really explain this passion..I guess the strongest tether is the potentially dangerous situations that might arise after a good 30 years of tedious busy work (so that one day, I could ultimately save humanity and restore balance to the force)..the lowly librarian will have his day in the sun, trust. 

I've yet to retrieve my leatherbound journal from Ty's house, I should really go get that...too much longer and the courtesy privacy-policy could become a bit weathered, not that it would really be that much of a problem..for what could I really say in my absolutely incoherent drug-induced ramblings that would inspire a change in the public's opinion of me..I think I swam out this far because I couldn't stand the noise anyway. 
Definitely not sure if I will ever have that thing [my beloved, though cliche', leatherbound muse] again.

I think I grew up in every way entirely too early and completely too late..eventually they should meet in the middle, at least that's what my palms read.

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09:11pm 11/01/2011 (UTC)
Yes, probably so it is
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