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12:24pm 01/07/2010

I've been updating my journal from the ROD library reference area lab for the previous 2 summers..and in those summers I generally produce thrice the amount of entries I manage to squeeze out during the academic (not actual) year.  Time goes by so slowly for those who wait? 

Currently I am taking a hiatis from graduate school, or rather I was kicked out for putting up poor marks..fortunately I didn't want to go anymore..so there. 
Additionally, I've moved into an apartment with a guy named dan..he's great, actually..things really couldn't be better on that front.  Since moving across the alley (part deux) I've acquired a bit of a cleaning bug!  I think the change of location plus the internal desire to appear useful ( I am currently unemployed, but looking! hey you, got any work!). 

Oh...I've gained weight too..fuck this, right?  How does someone who can barely afford food gain weight??  Clearly the Gods have cursed me with the metabolic staying power of a bovine.  I don't think that I'm over-rationalizing the situation if I say that I'm farely active..walking and such..biking now..its gotta be the drinking and the pot..fuck.  I went for a jog yesterday morning and a bike ride..and then another bike ride to the beach and back..then a walk.  All in all, I'm exhausted today, I'm actually bigger because I'm swollen, everywhere..and I snagged a bit of a tan.  Clearly I am on my way to a better life!

No job yet, the search continues.
Not in love yet, see above.

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